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Last update: April 20, 2014
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"Skeeter" 6yr old Grade Mini Gelding  36"
SOLD! Congratulations to Nicole of Smyrna, NY

We aren't quite sure what Skeeter's color should officially be called. He is a roan but his base
coat color is a bit mysterious as he still has his winter woollies on. If the weather holds
reasonably well, we will body clip him and solve the mystery. We just don't quite dare do that
yet as we are afraid he may freeze his hiney off!

Skeeter came out of West Virginia and definitely did not have the best of care in his last
home. His feet were very long and he had burrs everywhere. We got him all cleaned up and he
is quite the cutie! Skeeter is a friendly little gelding that really seems to be enjoying the
attention he is getting here. While he was reserved at first, he was quickly won over with
scratches and treats. We did harness Skeeter and hitched him to see how he would handle it.
He harnessed up reasonably well though he is NOT a fan of the crouper. Skeeter handled the
hitching process nicely but wasn't quite sure what to do from there.
To become a driving mini, Skeeter will need to have the basics.
As he is today, we think that Skeeter is a cute companion or pet mini with potential to do
more. He is a sweet little guy, very cute, and looking for his own family!
"MCMS Flashy Comanche"  4yr Old AMHA/WCMHR Stallion   33.5"
SOLD! Congratulations to Nicole of Smyrna, NY

We don't buy stallions very often but look at this little guy! How could we resist!?! Flash is registered
with both the AMHA & WCMHR. At 4 yrs old, he has reached his mature height of 33.5" tall. This
guy has a good bite, clean legs, and is nicely put together. He has been used as a breeding stallion by
his last home and he would certainly be happy to resume that role with his new owner!

This guy is young so if a breeding stallion isn't what you are looking for, consider making him into one
heck of a fancy driving gelding! Flash has a great start in harness and looks fabulous going down the
road. Watch his video! Flash has all the basics and will be very easy to polish up and take to the shows!