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Last update: July 28, 2015
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"Spice"  4yr old Grade Mini Mare  35 1/2" tall

SOLD! Congratulations to Mason & Brody!

Truly a mini that the entire family can enjoy and won't outgrow! Spice is a beautiful girl with her flaxen
mane & tail! Whether she is being ridden down the trails here by Trevor John or going for a spin down the
road in the cart, this mare always looks good! Just 4yrs old, Spice was raised Amish and has been there
and done that. If you enjoy driving, this mare will provide you years of fun! We've driven her down our
trails which are fairly rugged and she powers along with no hesitation. She is also very much at home
driving roadside and is 100% traffic safe. No spooking or shying off of lines in the road, signs,
mailboxes, etc. Just hold the lines and enjoy. Excellent to harness up!

Under saddle, patient is the work we use for Spice. Please watch her (lengthy) riding video with Trevor.
What you see is Spice's first ride to that part of our farm, including the pond. She is a safe mini for the
kids to ride both and and off the leadline. She is likewise super to handle on the ground. Sound, no vices!
"The Black Racer"  6yr old Grade Black Mini Mare  37" tall


Some horses arrive here and get an immediate nickname and this girl is one of them. The Black Racer's
name has nothing to do with speed - she just happens to be a sleek, black, FANCY girl and the name just
stuck! This little mare is our ideal mini. At 37 inches, this girl is tall enough to be a SUPERB driving horse
with a lovely trot. She is very well started in the cart and has so much potential for the show pen! This
mare is very well broke to ride and is a great choice for the child who has advanced from leadline to
riding independently but is not quite ready for a larger mount. The Black Racer is a willing riding partner
that goes along without hesitation - no stopping every 10 feet or tiring out little legs keeping her going!
She rides both in the ring and down the trail with our 5yr old grandson in the saddle. Crosses water too!
Sane, sound, no vices.
"Pearl"  2 1/2 yr old Grade Cremello Mini Mare  37" tall

SOLD! Congratulations to Anna from Concord, NC on her new addition!

This little cutie is a nice young mare that is started under saddle for the little ones and coming along
super. Pearl has a quiet disposition and will make a great little family mini. She is a perfect driving size
as well and shouldn't be too difficult to break to drive. Pearl has nice ground manners, saddles & bridles
nicely, and is currently going walk/trot with her 5yr old rider here. Sound, sane, and ready to find her
forever family!