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Last update: July 18, 2014
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"Emma"  3yr old Grade Pony Mare   10+hh
SOLD! Emma is moving to New Hampshire!

Fancy, Fancy, FANCY! Miss Emma is just beautiful whether she is standing still or trotting along in
harness. This is a flashy pony that is fun to drive and loaded with show potential! She stands 1/2" over
10hh and is an excellent size for the larger person who doesn't feel comfortable driving the smaller minis.

At just 3yrs old, Emma has a great start in harness. She is accustomed to traffic and is easy to drive.  
This mare is a gorgeous mover and should really make her way to the show pen! If you don't have dreams
of showing, no worries! Emma is happy as can be to head down the road for some country driving.

Emma has been started under saddle but we think that she is a bit too forward for most children that are

Sane, sound, UTD on farrier, deworming, coggins, Flu/Rhino/EEE/WEE/Tetanus
"Opal"  2 coming 3yr old Grade Mini Mare  33 1/2" Tall


This little mare is just beautiful all the way around! She is young but has been raised by horsey kids and it
shows! Opal rides & drives beautifully for her young age! Imagine what she will be when she is 10!

This little mare is sweet to handle and gentle for children. She is a super little leadline mount and very
tolerant. In harness, Opal trucks right along and does great with traffic and commotion.

Sane, sound, no vices. This mare comes UTD on coggins, farrier care, deworming,

**Please note that her forelock has been roached off (not our doing!) We don't want someone purchasing her
long distance and being surprised by her lack of forelock!
"Clark"  4yr old Grade Mini Gelding  31.5" Tall

SOLD! Congratulations to Erica & Family!

This mini gelding is absolutely hysterical! If you want a mini with a HUGE personality, Clark is your guy! He
will NOT be ignored - ever. Clark loves people and prefers the company of people to that of other horses.
If left with a choice between his herd mates and his person, the person will win every time. If we happen to
be working with another mini and Clark can see, he will stick his head through the gate panel forlornly with
the "guilt look." He is confident that he really should be the center of all human attention.

While small in stature at 31.5", Clark is an awesome little driving mini. We often find that these smaller
guys struggle in the cart on rough terrain - not so with Clark! This plucky gelding motors along with no
trouble at all. He is entirely traffic safe and equally comfortable going "off road." In fact, we think he
could be a very fun little combined driving project. Clark can be pushed to break gait in the cart and lope
along (adorably!) and we think he would enjoy the varied challenges that combined driving offers!

Clark is sound and sane with no vices. We do have a new leather harness that fits him as well as a new small
mini cart if you are looking for a complete "starter package."
"Charlotte"  5yr old Grade Mini Mare   31" Tall

SOLD! Congratulations Sue!

Charlotte isn't interested in cooperating with the camera in any way shape or form. We promise that she is
much cuter in person!!! This little one just wants a home where she can be loved up and spoiled. Charlotte
loves attention and enjoys people. She has been a leadline mount and seems to like little people. (Our little
cowboy hasn't been here to ride so we don't currently have a riding video). Charlotte has been introduced to
the world of driving and could be a cute little summer project. She harnesses nicely and is doing beautifully
ground driving. She has been hitched and is doing quite well pulling the cart without additional weight. She
has mastered the straight aways but is still figuring out how to turn with the cart in tow. We've practiced
roadside with the cart and Charlotte is unphased by traffic of any kind. She is a sensible little mare that is
easy to work with.

If you are looking for an affordable pint sized family member, stop by and meet Charlotte. She is easily
identified by her wayward forelock and Don King mane!
"Zinger"  6yr old Grade Bay Gelding   10hh
SOLD! Congratulations to Judy in Maine!

This pony is positively gorgeous in person. We don't have a single photo that does him a bit of justice.
In addition to his good looks, Zinger also happens to be a wonderful little driving and riding pony! This
is a pony that fits the whole family. Older children and adults can show him in hand and in harness
while the little ones can look like professionals on their fancy little leadline mount!

Zinger is VERY easy to drive and he was born to do it. He looks great in the cart and truly seems to
enjoy it. Traffic safe and a very cute mover, this guy is appropriate for 4Hers and adult drivers
alike. Easy to harness and easy to hitch.
Under saddle, Zinger is a sweet and responsive mount. He stands well for mounting & dismounting and
is pretty tolerant. At 10hh, this guy isn't quite so quickly outgrown so when your little one is ready to
go off lead, they will still fit on him! For very small children, we recommend that Zinger is on a lead
line simply because he does walk along at a pretty good clip. For the older ones, this pony is a lot of
fun and will go right along without endless prodding.

Zinger is sane and sound! He is easy to catch and a very friendly little guy. He is current with farrier
work and has been dewormed. He has a fresh negative coggins and just had his